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We are a great place to unwind in the company of gorgeous, warm and frienly attendants that will make your stress disappeared. Give us a call today or simply visit us and we are sure that you will experience a pleasurable relaxing time. We are waiting for you.

Ivy Asian Spa

Let your stress melt away

Ivy Asian Spa

Let your stress melt away

Ivy Asian Spa

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Our Services

Exotic Massage at Ivy Asian Spa Regardless of the treatment you choose, our team of professional and experienced staff will leave you feeling delighted. Our massage is one of life's great pleasures. Our massage begins with basic techniques for eliminating stress. Relaxation may take some time but every minute you will be given pleasure with girls' hands. focusing strokes on aches and pains in the back and shoulders and tight muscles throughout the body,creating a sultry mood. This is the most wonderful thing you will feel.


Our Acupuncture treatment affords balance and bliss to those who partake. It removes blockages and strengthens the body. An acupuncturist turns into a detective, artist, gardener,or mechanic in the process of treating a person.

Shiatsu Massage

A traditional Japanese healing massage using finger and palm pressure to stretch and mend muscle, Shiatsu intuitively relaxes the body, mind and spirit.

Therapy Reflexology

The techniques involve applying pressure in specific patterns over reflex zones on the feet, hands and/or ears, that have energetic correlation to various parts of the body. Through stimulating various reflex zones, reflexology helps to increase circulation, improve relaxation, normalize body function, and promote an overall sense of well-being.

Swedish Massage

Celebrate the Swedish origins of massage. Long, sweeping, circular motions help to achieve deep tissue relaxation, release tensions from the body and still the mind.

Deep Tissue Massage

uses narrow and firm pressure either on a point or with slow deep strokes to separate adhered connective tissue.

Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage

Work-related stress and a high work rate can lead to some serious muscle knots or cramps. When you ignore it for too long, chronic pain may arise, which are actually caused by tense muscles from the neck, shoulders and back. A back, neck and shoulders massage will relax the muscle and keep joints, tendons and ligaments flexible, even if you don't have aches and pains.


  • 30 MINUTES - $40
  • 45 MINUTES - $60
  • 60 MINUTES - $80


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